Friday, May 27, 2011

Starting a Garden

Yesterday my mom got me a super exciting present- some herb and vegetable plants!!  I am very excited to now have some plants with which to start my attempt at a garden.  I may get some more..... I haven't decided that yet, but I have a good start now.  I don't have the container yet to plant them in or the dirt, but I am about to receive 2 awesome Earth Boxes from my boyfriend's mother (yay!), a couple of pots, and then I may go out and buy a cool looking barrel or two, depending on whether I stick with what I have now, or buy a couple more plants (P.S. I live in an apartment so I don't have much of a yard to plant in).  I'm a bit afraid because I kind of have a black thumb- I love plants, but they don't love me... and it doesn't help that I forget to water them sometimes.. sorry plants!!!  Anyway, here are my beautiful plants!

Red Rubin Basil
Mesclun Mix
Jalapeno Peppers
...and purple bell peppers!

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